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New MA Law Affects All Establishments Serving Liquor


**Updated Clarification** The newly signed MA law applies to Liquor Licensees with On Premises Consumption of alcohol. Package stores typically do not meet this definition and are not subject to the legislation.

This is just a reminder to be aware of a newly signed Massachusetts law which goes into effect on August 28th, 2010. Liquor liability coverage is now mandated for all establishments that hold a liquor license (for on premises consumption).  Any Massachusetts Agent wishing to help clients secure this coverage may contact our office. Your humble blog author happens also to be the Liquor Liability Program Coordinator and can assist you in obtaining a quote from Hospitality Mutual.

The following message has been sent by email to MAIA members and will also appear in our newsletter, The Mass Agent

New Liquor Liability Mandate Signed into Law –
Make Sure Your Clients Are Covered

Your role as a trusted advisor is more important than ever. Don’t delay in alerting your clients with liquor liability exposure to this significant change in their insurance needs.

On May 28th Massachusetts Governor, Deval Patrick, signed Chapter 116 of the acts of 2010 into law. The newly enacted law mandates that all liquor licensees provide proof of Liquor Liability Coverage with their local licensing authority when renewing or applying for a new liquor license. The minimum coverage limit for this mandate is $250,000 per person and $500,000 per occurrence, and goes into effect on August 28th 2010.

Whether you’re new to this line or have been writing it for years, we are happy to work with your office to ensure that your restaurants, bars, taverns, fraternal clubs, and package stores comply with the new law and obtain the coverage they need.

The Number One Agency, Inc. provides MAIA Members access to the following Hospitality Mutual product offerings:


  • Stand-alone Liquor Liability with optional GL, Assault & Battery
  • Package Policies (Liquor, Property & General Liability) *New*
  • Stand-alone General Liability or Property Damage
  • Excess Liability (up to $3 million)

Please consider notifying your clients of this change in writing. You may want to use this “sample client letter” as a starting point.

Learn more: Access Applications, Eligible Businesses, & Information online or contact the Program Coordinator, Melissa Murphy, at the Number One Insurance Agency, Inc. at 800/742-6363, by fax at (508) 634-2930 or email

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