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Highlight Your FAQs with Video


I sat in on a little bit of a Social Media presentation yesterday at Benefest 2011. Presenter, Palmer Reuther, was making some great suggestions about using social media to facilitate broker branding.  And yes, yesterday he was talking specifically to Health & Benefits Brokers, but he could have been talking to pizza shop owners or plumbers, electricians…or independent P&C agents.

Part of his talk focused on how to integrate more than one social media tool into your repertoire. One of his suggestions was to list your company’s most Frequently Asked Questions and make a small video library of the answers on You Tube.

He suggested that these answer videos should be kept to under 2 minutes in length and then made easily accessible on your website. Links to which can then be shared in other channels such as your Facebook Fan Page or even a monthly e-newsletter.

The benefit of doing this is triple-fold:

  1. Personality – Add a face to your website. Clients and potential clients will get to “meet” the staff member who answers the question, adding credibility and a human element to the web.
  2. Clarification – Clients often complain that insurance information is difficult to find or doesn’t make sense. Here’s your chance to bring it to the laymen’s level and underscore the importance of your role.
  3. Time Saving – Every time someone watches one of these videos, you will likely spend less time explaining the exact same thing on the phone… “Should I purchase the rental car insurance when on vacation?”, “What should I do if I’m in a minor car accident?”, “Why should I increase my auto limits to $500/$500?”, “Are my son/daughter’s belongings covered when they are living in the dorms at college?”

Palmer Reuther, will be sharing more of his interesting tips and social media knowledge at the upcoming Big Event. He will be leading Thursday’s “Social Media Training Camp” on November 3rd from 9-5. He’ll be focusing on using social channels to broaden business communication. Agency’s looking for a lift in their online communication should consider sending someone to this pre-conference intensive.

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  1. 09/30/2011 8:45 am

    This is a terrific idea that I think we should implement here at IIABNY. I have answers to a lot of FAQ’s in a special section on our Web site, but easily accessible two-minute videos might have more of an impact. Thanks for this post!

  2. 09/30/2011 9:07 am

    Thanks Tim! I really did think it was a great take-a-way and something fairly easy to implement. FAQs are sort of in the 80/20 rule – we spend 80% of the time answering the same 20 questions!

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