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Up Your Bond IQ by Streaming Live – 3 MA CEU’s Available


An agent was recently telling me a story about a good but somewhat difficult client. He had just spent about half an hour on the phone with this small business owner explaining the differences between the bond she needed and her other insurance policies. She was really upset by the fact that the Bond Underwriter was requiring much more information, including copies of her company’s financials, than she was comfortable giving. Of course, she needed the bond yesterday, and in an age where we are told to fiercely guard our personal information and to be suspicious of anyone who asks for it, she was upset and confused because she never had to do this for any other insurance company.

From the agent’s description, it sounded like they been through this before, but the insured needed a refresher on the differences between the bond she needed and the commercial insurance policies she had already purchased. The agent took the time to explain the differences, explain the bond requirements and ease her fears.

Luckily this agent knew his Bonds from his BOPs and was able to carry her through. Personally, I start to sweat when someone asks me a question about bonds. This is just a topic I don’t have any experience with, and I know that some of you feel the same way.

Fortunately, our chance to increase our Bond IQ (or just refresh some bond knowledge) is just around the corner!

MAIA is excited to offer our first Streaming Live CE Program on Bonds. Join Robin Federici as she teaches Bonding or How Our Insured Went Bankrupt on Tuesday June 22nd from 9-12! You can attend the class in person here in Milford, or from your own office and still receive 3 CEU’s.

We are more than excited to be able to offer CE classes live over the web, and hope that you’ll be happy to attend them in this format. You can learn more about Streaming Live here.

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