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Go Ahead and Breathe – It’s Friday


It’s been a stressful month hasn’t it? Between the state of the Flood Insurance program, Health Insurance Reform, 201 CRM 17 implementation, and the rains here in Massachusetts, everyone has been busy beyond belief. But today is Friday, the weekend is just hours away and hopefully a little bit of rejuvenation is in your future. Of course, most of us will spend the weekend doing that endless list of chores at home…

My suggestion is to take 5 minutes for a little stress relief right from your desk.

Breathe – As a long-time yoga novice I still need to be reminded to breathe. There’s something about stress that makes us forget to do this. 

  • Sit up straight and relax your shoulders. Take three long inhales followed by 3 long exhales.

Stretch – Take 2- 3 minutes and get in a good shoulder stretch.

AND…Keep your fingers crossed that our email service provider change goes smoothly. Hopefully, by the afternoon MAIA will be up and running with an encrypted email service provider, which will help us stay in 201 CRM 17 Compliance.

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