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Top 3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time with Social Media – Part 3


This is the final post in our short series by guest blogger and MAIA member, Heidi Warner, eMarketing Executives at Encharter Insurance.  Heidi has shared her Top 3 Social Media Time Management Tips. Read Part 1 and Part 2.  

TIP 3: Guest Bloggers

The great thing about social media is that it’s “social”, which means interacting and connecting with other people. If you’re finding that generating content for your (now rigorous and consistent) social media posting schedule is getting harder and harder, don’t be afraid to ask for guest bloggers. These are bloggers who would write the occasional blog post for you to post on your blog; i.e. that is one LESS blog post you have to write, YOUR blog still gets the SEO credit and THEY get a link and an opportunity to showcase their expertise…it’s a WIN-WIN! Of course, don’t forget that it is still YOUR blog and it’s YOUR venue for showcasing your expertise, so guest bloggers should only have occasional appearances. Your readers want to hear from you because they already trust you.

Social media is definitely the direction in which business is moving and that includes the insurance industry. As an independent insurance agent, if you’ve recognized this technological shift but have had a hard time running your business and running your social media marketing strategy,  just keep these 3 time management tips in mind. You’re on your way to social media success!

Thanks Heidi for being MAIA’s guest blogger this week!

Part 1 – Commitment & Consistency
Part 2 –
Social Media Dashboards

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