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Top 3 Tips for Making the Most of Your Time with Social Media – Part 2


Time for Part 2 from guest blogger and MAIA member, Heidi Warner, eMarketing Executive at Encharter Insurance, LLC.  Heidi has compiled her Top 3 Social Media Time Management Tips and will be sharing them over the next 3 days. Find Part 1 here.

TIP 2: Social Media Dashboards

Social media dashboards are great tools for making more of your time when it comes to your social media marketing strategy.  A social media dashboard is a program or Internet website that allows you to manage all of your social media accounts at once.  Two great examples (and recommendations) are and Tweetdeck.  Here’s what a social media dashboard will allow you to do:

  • Gives you access to multiple social media outlets from one login; e.g. if you have a Facebook account and a Twitter account, you would be able to access both at the same time with a social media dashboard.
  • Post to multiple social media accounts at one time with the same message.
  • Post to only one account at a time with different messages.
  • Post links, photos and videos with your tweets and posts (Tweetdeck does not allow for the posting of multimedia to Facebook accounts, only Twitter).
  • Schedule posts so that you can stick to your posting schedule, even while you are away from your computer and the Internet.
  • Save your searches for certain keywords over social media.

Again, because of the versatility of a social media dashboard, it can really make your time more efficient. However, there are two caveats:

1) Scheduling posts all the time can make you a more efficient content-generator, but the interactions with your fans and followers will drop significantly. Don’t forget that it’s called “social” media for a reason…BE SOCIAL and interact with your fans and followers! Authentic and frequent interaction with your fans and followers is just as important as a consistent flow of content.

2) Social media dashboards allow you to post to your pages, but don’t ignore the other administrative capabilities you have when you actually visit the social media sites. Don’t forget to freshen up your Facebook and Twitter accounts with new pictures and backgrounds; update your info with any news about your business that people would be interested in reading. Visit your pages through the “real” social media outlets at least once a week to stay on top of things and mix things up a bit. 

Remember, search engines love fresh content and that includes changing up the information on your pages that otherwise would have remained static.

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