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Now Playing: the Independent Agents of Massachusetts


Last Fall MAIA, with the help of AngelVision Technologies, produced a short movie about the important role that independent agents play in Massachusetts.

As an agent, you know the role you play. You live it every day….from last minute requests for certificates of insurance to full reviews of commercial accounts. Your services help to protect your clients’ assets, keep them in compliance with laws and regulations, and navigate the often confusing world of claims. And of course, we know what you do! As your association, MAIA is proud to represent so many agents who take pride in their profession and perform their jobs so well.  

But ask yourself this…How many of your clients understand the role you play as their agent? And how many of them only truly “get it” after a loss?

The movie was designed to help educate consumers about this very topic. Local Independent Agents are more than “middlemen” as some of the national commercials would have you believe. Massachusetts Independent Agents represent big themes: Value, Relationships, Personal Service, Local Knowledge, and Trust to name a few.

We invite you to use and share this movie with others in your office, with your clients, and your friends and family. Make sure your networks know what you do and the role you play.

Head over to for the full scoop about using the movie. You can email us to obtain the full flash files  or download the mp4 version from our website. There is even an option to personalize this to your agency for a fee.

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