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A New Wave in Customer Testimonials?


Here’s a question to get us started in 2011…How are you using customer testimonials? Are they on your website and in your social media profiles? Or do they merely exist in the minds of your best clients?

 Testimonials and real customer opinions help to build and establish trust with prospective customers and they assist us when making purchasing decisions on the web. What used to be relegated to the backs of tri-fold brochures, now takes center stage on many websites, and for good reason.

 Let me guess….Your agency handles testimonials in one of the following ways….

  1. There is a page on the agency website called “Customer Testimonials”. The agency selected the best 4 or 5 on file and they live on that page.
  2. The agency asked ten clients to provide some written feedback. Four responded after you called in a favor and they are quoted on the agency website in various locations.
  3. A few happy customers have left positive feedback for the agency on Facebook. You’re psyched and briefly consider deleting all subsequent posts so that those comments stay front and center.
  4. The agency knows that happy satisfied customers exist, but no one is using their feedback at all.


In days past, testimonials were hand selected to appear on a brochure, flier or web page. However, online retailers like Amazon and Zappos have made reviews a central part of the buying experience. Customer opinions are now visible on many sites, warts and all, and consumers are more aware than ever of what a testimonial or review reveals about a business.  Additionally, the transparency factor surrounding reviews and testimonials has increased by about….a million percent. A few written words is great, but is it enough?


Take a quick look at the way Vent Smart Dryer Vent Cleaning  and Zco Corporation are treating their testimonials.  These testimonials go in a different direction than the standard one-liners.

What do you think? Are these ideas worth it? Do they make a difference?  


(hat tip to @ducttape for the link to Vent Smart)

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  1. 04/11/2011 1:01 pm

    Very innovative ideas with regards to referrals and reviews. So important in the insurance industry!

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