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12 Take-a-ways from the latest ACT Social Media Webinar


I was happy to listen in on Tuesday afternoon to the ACT webinar: The Social Web and Insurance–Finding Success & Lessons Learned. Hosted and presented by a panel including Jeff Yates, Rick Morgan, Angelyn Treutel,  and more, it was an excellent hour about how agencies are actually using and engaging in the social media space.

I know that finding the time to attend all of these webinars, classes, and chats can be tough. I thought it might be useful to post the take-a-ways I got from it. Did you listen in? Did I miss anything? Add your thoughts in the comments.

#1: Encourage the Social Media elite to engage as much as possible. Ask clients that engage on social media platforms to check in on 4Square or Facebook Places, or write a review on Citysearch or Yelp!.  

#2: Mobile technology is pushing another social media growth spurt. Smart Phones are now pervasive and that has made the social web easier and more instant than ever. My Mom has a Blackberry now…instead of a PC at home.

#3: Go where your clients are but explore new avenues and platforms. Don’t write something off “just because”.

#4: Remember the rules of reciprocity. Initiate the connection and “Like” your clients’ and friends’ businesses first.

#5: Include your geographic community and incorporate contests, donations and charitable support into your routine.

#6: Imitation is the greatest form of flattery. Check out what other agents are doing across the nation and see if that works for you.

#7: Watch & listen first. Get the basics. Then start.

#8: Find the person(s) in your office that can take the role of sending out the messages, monitoring, and listening. Many have found success by hiring a Social Media Intern. And know that all employees can have a role to play here as long as there is a policy in place and a clear understanding of expectations.

#9: It’s okay to learn and initiate one platform at a time when you are just getting started.

#10: Blog posts can be an excellent source and point of reference for staff & clients on frequemtly asked questions. (Should I purchase the rental car insurance? Do I need Life Insurance? What are the steps to take after an auto accident?)

#11: Tracking: Know what you want to track. Decide and count. Ask clients “how did you find us?” Read the Google Analytics and Facebook Reports and know where your traffic comes from.   

#12: Limit your Social Media Time. As always, you are in control of your time spent.  Whether you chose to 15, 20 or 30 mins per day, or chose a goal of 3 updates per week, you are in control of how much time to spend.

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  1. 11/19/2010 8:26 am

    Great takeaways Melissa! Thanks for sharing as I missed the webinar.
    ~Kaitlyn @ Berry Insurance

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