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A Few Thoughts about the Video Contest


First off, congratulations Encharter Insurance, for pushing ahead and winning the Big Event Video Contest with 322 Facebook “Likes”.

With a video that played on the seriousness of the insurance industry, Encharter showed a playful side to their agency, and they reached out to their network and took the lead late in the game.

Of course I would be remiss not to mention and thank all of the agencies that decided to participate. From idea conception to the final editing details, creating a video like this is no small task. Our hope was to bring out the creative spirit in an agency….and I think we had success.

From the Islands to Western Mass., eleven MAIA members made a splash this week through their social networking channels and beyond. They showed their personal style and their dedicated staff members. They spread the word about the causes they support and the ways they give back to their local communities. They showed the human side of their agencies, which is important in this very relationship focused industry. And my favorite part of this has been reading the kind comments made by customers on the Facebook page.

I do have some thoughts about the social media related metrics, but I will save that for a post after we wrap up the event.

If you haven’t had a chance to view the videos- we will be featuring all of them during The Big Event and I will link to them below as well.

Provider Insurance

Berry Insurance Agency

Deep Associates Insurance Agency

Finck & Perras Insurance

Encharter Insurance  

Smith, Buckley & Hunt Insurance  

Duffy Insurance

Tashmoo Insurance

Arthur D Calfee Insurance Agency

Connell & Curley Insurance Agency

Sadler Insurance Agency

Oh and note to self….never underestimate the response you’ll get when you open a contest to a group of sales people!!!

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