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A Reminder About Data Security


Time for some time travel.

Think back to March 1, 2010, the day that 201 CRM 17, became effective. In the run up to the effective date of this legislation, there was a lot of chatter about this new legislation and what it would mean to Independent Agents. There were frequent of reminders about compliance, webinars, newsletters, panels, and no shortage of experts to assist agencies with this transition.

A little over six months have passed, autumn is in the air, and it’s time to ask yourself, your staff, your coworkers: “Are we still CRM 201 Compliant?”

As happens in the real world, the deadline passed and we all move on to other things. Unfortunately, it’s easy to become lax when other things become “top of mind” and we all know that there is no shortage of items screaming for attention.  This may be a good opportunity to run through the questions below, or simply remind everyone in the office to stay vigilant about protecting the Personal Information Data of your clients.  

Are there any new employees that need to be briefed on proper procedures?
Is your WISP finalzed?
Is the agency shredding documents with personal data?
Are you utilizing the best method (encrypted email or fax) to transmit personal data?

 MAIA’s Data Security Tool Box is still available and may help to answer any questions about 201CRM17.

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