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Regularly Scheduled Maintenance


It’s been almost a year since I started blogging and tweeting on behalf of MAIA. Since then, I have set up profiles on a number of social networking sites including LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, WordPress, and Google which admittedly, is a lot of profiles. But it’s likely that you have just as many accounts. If you have someone in the office responsible for the Agency’s social media presence, looking after all of the profiles is likely part of their job description, but most of us don’t fall into that camp.

This is just a reminder to set aside a few minutes (there’s no time like the present!) to review all of your profiles to make sure they are up to date and accurate. Putting up a fresh picture is also a nice touch. In addition, you will definitely want to notice and take advantage of any updated features or privacy changes on that particular site.

I found several things that needed updating as I searched my profiles. For example, while updating something in WordPress, I realized that an update now allowed me to very easily put Facebook, Twitter and Email sharing buttons at the bottom of each post. Each site undergoes updates at a different pace, and it’s easy to miss things.

Just like our autos, maintenance is helpful to keep our social profiles running smoothly. Do you perform regularly scheduled maintenance on your social profiles?

Photo by AdamL212

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