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Benefest: A must attend for Health Brokers


There is no doubt that Health Insurance and its reform (for better or worse), have been one of the driving factors of debate on both Beacon Hill and Capital Hill in the past year. In addition, Health Insurance peppers the daily news as a reoccurring theme in stories as varied as marriage rights, to city budgets to the jobless rate. The nation and the world have been taking a much closer look at what makes the Health Insurance Industry tick, and by default many a comparison, fair or not, has been made between Health Insurance and P&C products like auto insurance.

I learned firsthand what this means for agents and brokers last month when I was put on the spot by some out of state relatives. While they were adamant that they have no use for health insurance mandates, they were clearly still sorting myths from facts.

As Agents and Brokers, you are on the front lines of dealing with the ever mounting questions from consumers and small businesses. Additionally, you are charged with conveying information from the carriers, navigating legislation and truly making sense of it all. This is the time for every Agent and Broker in the Health Insurance field to be connected, educated and on their toes. In Massachusetts, MassAHU is the organization keeping Brokers in the loop. This makes Benefest, MassAHU’s upcoming annual one day conference, a must attend for Brokers in the Health Insurance industry.

The program is packed and includes several concurrent educational sessions to earn CEUs, an uplifting Keynote Presentation, and Commissioner of Insurance, Joseph Murphy will be welcomed as Guest Luncheon Speaker. The Trade Show will bring together the state’s top resources for Brokers and yes, the Number One Insurance Agency will be in attendance.

Benefest 2010 will be held on September 22nd at the Double Tree in Westborough, MA. The full schedule of events can be found at the MassAHU Event Page.

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