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Get Stronger by Stretching Your Education Dollars


Having an expert staff is one of the reasons people seek out an Independent Agent. An office full of friendly, knowledgeable people to call upon is a strength of the Independent Agency System that can be lacking in other purchase models. However, sending staff off to maintain their licenses, attain designations, and stay up to date on the ever changing needs of the client can be costly in both money and time. Of course, it doesn’t make it any less important (and I don’t just say that as an employee of MAIA).

While giving up on continuing insurance education is not an option, stretching that dollar is 100% advisable. Here are two tips to help get the most bang for the agency’s educational dollars.

1. Put together an education plan for the agency. A simple plan can help focus the agency’s efforts and training needs. Start by entering in all staff that are required to update a license or designation, anyone who is working on a license, and any mandatory classes (Flood, Fraud, E&O). Then think about the training needs of the agency. Would Personal Lines benefit from some reinforcement in Condos? Could Commercial Lines use a little extra ELPI knowledge? Ask individuals to attend certain topics that will benefit their department and the agency as a whole.

2. Share all that great insurance knowledge. It’s surprising how few agencies do this, and how many could benefit. Simply emailing out one thing learned for each day of attendance might help to streamline a procedure, clarify a misunderstood coverage, or avoid an E&O Claim.

Another thing to consider…acting on these tips may boost engagement in seminars as well.  Participation always seems to go up when people feel like there is a purpose to their attendance beyond simply fulfilling the CE licensing requirement.

Does your agency practice either of these tips?

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  1. 07/12/2010 8:56 am

    Great tips Melissa – I really enjoyed the post. We were talking about this recently and focused on just the time element in juggling life, work, and CE courses. I really liked the angle of how to get the most bang for your buck as well. Good stuff.

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