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National Alliance Names the Massachusetts winner of CSR of the Year


Every year The National Alliance for Insurance Education and Research takes nominations for Outstanding CSR of the Year. Applicants for the CSR of the Year award must be nominated and then complete an essay.

The 2010 Award for Massachusetts goes to MAIA member, Nancy Melbourne, CIC, CISR of Kimball-Cooke Insurance in Athol, MA. Nancy has worked at Kimball-Cooke Insurance for 32 years and is currently the head of the Personal Lines and Office Manager.

This year’s essay topic was interesting to me. I always find it fun to ask people how they got into the business. Very few of us seemed to plan for a career in insurance. This year’s essay topic asked the following: “Many people come to the insurance business by chance and stay by choice. In the first paragraph, briefly describe how you were first employed in the insurance business. Then, given the changes you have observed and anticipate in the future, explain what would be the best title for the CSR of tomorrow and why?”

Nancy agreed to answer a few questions for the blog readership….

P&C: Someone in your agency nominated you for the award, but what made you go for it?
NM: At first, I must admit, I was not going to submit the information for the nomination.  I had the support of present and past co-workers as well as friends and family saying “go for it” …so I did.

P&C: How did you first come into the industry?
NM: I came to the industry by accident! Straight out of high school working at a local department store with no real direction, I received a recommendation from a teacher to apply for the clerical job available.  What started as just a job turned into my life.

P&C: What are the top 3 things about Customer Service that you would pass on to a new CSR?

  1. Always remember that service is the major item that will set you apart from any other agent/csr.
  2. Take pride in your work – your clients are depending on you.
  3. All clients deserve the same service.  Keep in mind the client in front of you could be your child or parent or a family member looking for help and guidance.  It’s your job to give them your best.

Thanks Nancy and Congratulations on being named the Outstanding CSR of the Year in Massachusetts ! We hope to see you at the Conferment Ceremony at The Big Event in November.

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