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Copy Machine Data Security Risk


I recently got an email from Suzanne Brozek of YHS Insurance Agency, Inc – A subsidiary of Karen Clark & Company about the potential security breach that could be caused by an improperly scrubbed copy machine.

News reports and concerns about this particular issue have been making their way around the internet for a few weeks. This CBS News investigative report shows what may happen to your data when you bid your trusty machine farewell at the end of the lease.

It seems that many copy machines, especially those manufactured since 2002, have a hard drive that will likely keep a record of every copy made on the machine. Yikes!  It is wise to check with your leasing company rep about ensuring that the machine is scrubbed or wiped before it leaves your location.

This is a just reminder that data is being stored in the most unlikely of places.

And…. if you had the chance to watch the CBS video, don’t you think it’s prudent to remove all your papers from the machine before turning it back in?

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