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Waiting for Perfection


I saw a short post last week, Focus on the Big Picture and Fight the Perfectionist Trap that I thought other insurance people might be interested in. I’m always intrigued by this idea that sometimes it is our perfectionist tendencies that prevent us from actually being productive. For me, this happens most often at home. If I’m not quite sure how to tackle a project or I’m not certain it will turn out “just right”, I tend to put it off. This may explain why the back room of my home remains sans floor.

And while there are certain aspects of our jobs that require this perfectionist mindset, there are other areas that actually require a leap of faith now and then. For instance, no one can guarantee that a server upgrade will work glitch free, but if you don’t do it, you run the risk of compromising your data. Over-planning, over-thinking or waiting until things are “just right” can be a stumbling block not only to growth, but also the status quo.

This idea that perfectionism can hold you back is counterintuitive to most folks; especially in a field like insurance where perfectionist tendencies are necessary to get the job done properly. We seek these traits when we hire people. From thorough Producers, to sharp as a tack CSR’s, to attentive bookkeepers, the insurance industry runs on attention to detail…and Dunkin (at least in New England.)

I was reminded of the ways that many agencies have been tentative about entering the social media landscape. The reasons I’ve heard run the gamut from not understanding all aspects to not making the time. Could this be one of these “perfectionist moments”?  

The Lifehacker post focuses on the 80/20 principle, and reminds us to keep the big picture in mind. What do you think? Do the everyday details sometimes cloud the big picture? Or in our industry must each and every detail be examined before taking an action?

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