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IT’s Here…2010 Registry Procedures Manual E-Book


 I mentioned this quickly last week, but after seeing a demo of how this works on Friday I wanted to get into a little more detail. Donna McKenna, VP of Communications here at MAIA , has provided us with eight great reasons why you’ll want to subscribe to the 2010 Registry Procedures Manual e-Book   

IT’s here!! We’ve talked about IT for years, and IT’s finally a reality. IT is the very first digital edition of MAIA’s Registry Procedures Manual.   

Why is it better than the old two-volume paper version of the manual? Consider these points …   

  1. First, NO trees gave their lives for this manual!
  2. The Registry Manual is still an annual subscription; but, unlike the paper version, the digital manual will be updated quarterly.
  3. Each subscription includes ten licenses for the digital online manual. That means you may use it on ten machines in your office. Additional licenses are available for larger agencies or companies. You may also download a desktop version of the manual to three of the ten licensed machines, although the desktop version is not automatically updated.
  4. It’s simple to find what you’re looking for since each topic in the table of contents is linked to the appropriate chapter, and the entire manual is keyword searchable.
  5. The forms section includes a sample of all RMV forms with links to the RMV’s website so you always have the most recent edition. The Appendices link you to either the RMV or MAIA website for the most recent RMV status codes, company codes, MA laws and regulations.
  6. You can print or bookmark specific pages, and you can add electronic notes to your manual.
  7. The Registry Manual contains information on Registry Procedures that is not available anywhere else. Maybe that is why the RMV’s Customer Service and Training Departments prefer our manual to their own documentation!
  8. If you have a question on the content of the manual, click on the “CONTENT QUESTIONS” link to email MAIA Staff and receive a quick response.

Not convinced??? Check out the sample chapter by clicking here.    

Thank You to the staff on the Advocacy, Marketing, and Accounting Teams who worked really hard to implement the new format for this publication. I think you’ll agree that they did an excellent job!

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