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Twitter and Follow Friday


Taking a page from @chrisbrogan I am going to share my Follow Friday recommendations in a blog post.

Here’s the deal – I actually really like the idea of Follow Friday but I find it hard to keep up. By the time I look to see what’s transpired I have a huge list to look through, which is often times repetitive, is hard to read, and requires much more than 140 characters to respond.

So I’m going to try this out… here are my Follow Friday recommendations…

@alysondelpaggio  @ReyInsurance  @carrie_AGins – Three independent  insurance ladies who love twitter. Bright and funny, they mix Insurance with humor and a touch of the personal.

@tcorguru @DuffyInsurance @Encharter @ProviderCEO @DowneyInsurance @StevePalenscar @SBHinsurance @FinckandPerras – MAIA  members who are making things happen by using Twitter and other social media tools.

@InsuranceMHQ @JasonHoeppner @rickjmiv @SteveTN  – Helping to guide Independent Insurance Agents toward social media best practices.

@albanyinsurance @thechrisjordan @FoundersGroup – Great examples of Independent Agents using Twitter.

What do you think? Good way or bad way to promote/recommend your favorite Tweeters?

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  1. 04/09/2010 11:41 am

    There’s worse people to take advice from than @ChrisBrogan so count me in as someone who likes this idea. You’re right in saying #FF can be very repetitive, but it’s worth it to follow whatever new people you see recommended by esteemed followers. Looks like I can add a few more after reading this post.

    Oh, and thanks for the Twitter plug.


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