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Expert Employees – Exceptional Service


You’ve gotta love New England weather…one moment we’re deluged with rains that go beyond the typical “April Showers” and the next we’re breaking heat records (92 degrees on April 7th.) So yes, I may have been dreaming about making that pitcher of summery sangria when I read about this wine store in Vancouver that has been getting rave reviews about more than just their wine selection.

It seems their take on customer service is gaining some attention. And while I’ve not been there myself, what I find interesting is that the focus is really about the ways that they empower employees by making sure that everyone who works there is an expert. It is this ‘expert status’ that helps them provide customer service that is above and beyond. The founder and CEO Paul Clinton is quoted in the post:

“We are passionate about providing outstanding selection, service, and value to our customers.” Paul told me. “Every employee goes through wine education. We want our employees to have a good time, and look forward to coming to work, and we want our customers to have a good time, and enjoy doing business with us.”

Like other dynamic leaders Paul Clinton knows that breakthrough service is only possible by developing breakthrough relationships with employees. 

I believe I know another industry that strives to provide great customer service through expert employees. Sure, this post is about a wine shop not an insurance agency, but something tells me that you could replace “wine” with “insurance” and still be right on target here. Exceptional Service is exceptional service whether you are helping someone select the proper limits of liability or the right wines for a Holiday meal.

How does being an insurance expert help you provide exceptional customer service?


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