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A Streaming Live Success


This was no April Fools…the Agents Forum held last Thursday, April 1st  received overwhelmingly positive feedback. I wanted to share some of the comments we received. 

“We enjoyed the Live Stream and think this works well. We would certainly participate in future forums presented in this manner.”

For the first time ever, MAIA streamed the Agents Forum live over the web. And while there were a few calls with some glitches and slow internet connections, it seemed that most agents were really happy with the use of this technology. 

“The Streaming Live was GREAT. Very well done – the pause button was huge. Sometimes you just can’t avoid all the phone calls.”

Keeping our membership informed of the ongoing industry-related Legislative, Regulatory and Registry news is a priority for MAIA.  The Agents Forums are a way to recap this information, and they allow our Senior Staff the opportunity to provide a first person account of what goes on here at MAIA.

“…thought the Agents’ Forum this morning was excellent with so much info. Great job from our Association! Love not having to travel to be there live.” 

In past years, our Senior Staff traveled around the state to present the Forums in person – driving from the North Shore to the Cape to Springfield for separate meetings in each location. Streaming Live cut out the travel time for our staff  and for our members, all of whom did not have to take time out of the office to attend. It also allowed members who would not normally be able to participate the opportunity to do so.  

“The above was GREAT, please continue this format whenever you can. I am still in Florida and this gave me an opportunity to bring me up to date on all these matters. You folks can dispense with the traveling to get the word out……………this is better.”

In addition, Streaming Live saved on travel costs and the expense of renting meeting rooms. Spending money in the right places is a priority for MAIA and one that we take seriously. Being able to shift resources back to legislative efforts, educational opportunities and other Association expenses is huge.   

“Absolutely loved the format! It was extremely well done! It saved me a trip out of the office, and I’m sure saved the Association a lot of money that can now be re-directed to Association expenses and legislative efforts.”

From the sounds of the feedback, we will be continuing to stream live when the subject matter calls for it. Thank you to those who viewed or came in to Milford. The comments and questions are being reviewed and we are looking at all the ways we can make this an even better experience next time.

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