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Finding Information & Inspiration to Dazzle Your Network


As I have started to talk with more and more agents about participating in social media many are nervous about being able to write, find, and post relevant content. To this I say Bravo! If one of your concerns is “How do I make sure I’m posting good content?” then you have passed the first test. You “get it”. You are “in”. One of the basic tenants of using the social web to network and increase your reach is to provide valuable content to your readers, followers and fans. Okay “dazzle your network” might be a bit strong, but why not shoot for the stars?

Here are some places to find inspiration & valuable web content useful to the Independent Agency:

  • Your Carrier’s websites – Carriers are jumping into the world of social media, too. The plus is that many of them are sensitive to both the needs of customers as well as the independent agent. For example: Check out Albert J. Marchionne Insurance Agency’s Facebook Fanpage, where they are continuing to create awareness of the Independent Agency System by reposting a link from Union Mutual of Vermont entitled “Why Middlemen (and Women) are Important”.
  • Your Association(s) – MAIA is always publishing insurance related content which is made possible by your membership dues. Our new website now features a “News Side Bar” so that you can find our latest updates more easily. MAIA members are invited to use this content (sourcing where appropriate, of course) on their blogs, newsletters, and agency publications. Check with the other associations and groups you may belong to and see if their copyright rules are similar.
  • Major News Outlets – Many of us are now skimming the headlines online instead of receiving a paper. If you find something of interest, there is no harm in pointing out an article or video clip of interest from a major news source and linking to it from your site. Better yet, add a few lines as to why you think it’s important to read, how it relates to your customers, or why you disagree. For example: this week the news media has been chalk full  of coverage about flooding, flood insurance, basements, sump pumps…well you get the idea.
  • Government Websites – I never thought I would write this but there are several portions of the state website that are updated frequently. For example, check out the suite of blogs. They range in topics from Revenue to the Great Outdoors and might give you some food for thought or might even just alert you to an event going on near by.
  • Go Local – Locally focused blogs, papers, and websites are sometimes overlooked but can be useful if you are looking to create posts that engage the local community. You can also add mentions of any events the agency may be sponsoring or that you’re involved in as well. Even just mentions of an upcoming musical at the High School, the annual town meeting, or the water ban schedule can be helpful to people.

Where do you get your content inspiration from?

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  1. 03/19/2010 9:14 am

    Often the best and most interesting contributions come from real life experiences. I know this post focuses primarily on web sources, but stories and interactions that break up your daily routine, especially if they are embarassing, funny or educational, help you connect on a deeper level.

  2. 03/19/2010 9:28 am

    Good point and Very true. The post I’m planning for Monday delves into this territory. Hopefully, it will work.

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