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Facing Fears… Who has the Time?


This week I had the pleasure of speaking to the Metro South Independent Insurance Agents Association on my favorite topic as of late, Social Media. The goal was to do a Social Media 101 class in an hour. As you can imagine, I had to talk fast!

I asked the agents in attendance to share some of their concerns and fears about using social media. The principal answer I received was TIME. Specifically:

How do agency owners and staff fit learning new media into already packed schedules?

And how do we find the time to actually use these tools?

I’ve been feeling this myself lately. There is always another thing to do; whether it is an article to read, a blog post to write, or application to underwrite, but you only get 24 hours.  You can’t fight the clock.

I’ve written before about the potential to waste time on social media (and how to curb that) but we haven’t really talked about the “ramp up”. That feeling you get as you begin a new routine, but can’t quite figure out how to work it in to your regularly scheduled programing.

Here is the one piece of advice I can give out on this subject: Remember that it’s a marathon…not a sprint.

Think about how you would train to run the Boston Marathon. You wouldn’t decide to run the night before, right? Instead, you would train a little bit every day until you reach that 26.2 mile marker. The same approach can apply here.

Learning all the tools of social media will take time, but it is do-able. This is why I recommend starting with one tool at a time. Learn one tool, watch the way others use it and start to implement it. Once you feel comfortable with that, figure out the next tool.  

As you progress you will be able to build a routine that will fit into your day and into your business. At first I think we overestimate the amount of time some of these things actually take to maintain, and unlike any marathon training I’ll ever do- you can probably learn a new social media tool in a matter of a few weeks.

Do you have any tips for starting a new routine in social media or otherwise?

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  1. 03/15/2010 1:56 pm


    It is a marathon not a sprint. It takes discipline to carve out a few hours a week to participate in social media but it is well worth it. I have spoken with executives on the carrier side that are trying to get their agents to utilize social media for business development but are getting significant push back from the agents. I think the folks who work with this new channel will realize benefits that the never dreamed of. Here is a link to an interesting take on social media for the agency plant from my blog

    Keep up the good work.


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