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More MAIA FAQs – Massachusetts CEUs & Licensing


Our Education Department fields questions about license renewals, CE records and CE transcripts on a daily basis. Let’s clear up some of the confusion about this process by answering another MAIA FAQ …..

How do I know what CE Classes I’ve Taken?

MAIA schedules hundreds of great classes that are approved for CE in Massachusetts every year, however MAIA does not keep licensing records or CE transcripts here. These records are maintained for Massachusetts licensees by Prometric. They are the vender hired by the Division of Insurance to administer licensing exams and maintain CE records.

When you attend a MAIA sponsored class, we will submit your attendance record to Prometric. However, as the licensee we suggest that you keep the Certificate of Completion you receive at the end of the class as proof of your attendance for each 3 year licensing period.

CE transcripts can be obtained online at Prometric’s website. To view it you will need to create an account. Check out this quick Tutorial for help.

CEU Requirements in Massachusetts

  • 60 hours of CE instruction is required during the first 36 month period (3 year period) following the date of initial licensure.
  • 45 hours of CE instruction is required for subsequent 36 month reporting periods (3 year period).
  • You may carry over up to 45 CEU’s into the next renewal period.
  • CE Classes may only be taken once for credit every 3 years.
  • MA does not desginate courses for the different lines of your license. You can take any approved class and receive CE for it regardless of whether you are licensed for P&C, L&H ect. 

License Renewal v. CEU Completion
The date your CE must be completed is based on the date of your original licensure – not the renewal date of your license. Yes, this is confusing.

Here’s an example:
Annie was first licensed on June, 2 2009. She has 36 months (until June, 2 2012) to complete the required CEUs. This will be her individual compliance period.

However, her license renewal will take place on her birthday, which is April 2nd. Her first license renewal will take place on April 2, 2012 – which is 60 days before she has to complete the required CE. Her license renewal date will then be every 3 years on her birthday.  

Additional information about Massachusetts licensing & CE requirements can be found at Prometric’s MA CEU FAQ and at the MA Office of Consumer Affairs & Business Regulation (OCABR).

For what it’s worth…My .02
As a Licensed Producer you are ultimately responsible for maintaining your license and CE records. Many of us are lucky to have our agencies and companies pay for our licensing fees and CE classes, but the license is in your name and it is ultimately up to you to know the rules associated with your license and to keep a backup of your records.

Still Have Questions?
Contact MAIA’s Education Department to schedule a class – 800-222-2609 or sign up on the web.

Contact Prometric to schedule a license exam or for problems with their website 800-724-8731 or

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