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The Aflac Duck Tweets and Other Neat Things


For your weekend reading pleasure…here are a few interesting items I came across in the last couple of weeks.

  •  Data Security, personal info breaches, and hacking are on our minds lately thanks to 201CRM17. You might want to check out these Hacking Stats as comprised by the Insurance Information Institute.
  • Have you read about this device that reads your credit card through your iPhone? There are some interesting security concerns raised in the comments. But is this the future of the credit card swipe? Interesting.

Did you know that the Aflack Duck tweets? Are you thinking about starting a Twitter account for your agency?  Wondering who should be Tweeting or what kind of account you could have? This Small Business Trends article explains the types of Twitter accounts that small businesses are creating and their purposes. Could your agency mascot be tweeting on your behalf?

  • How are the rear and side view mirrors on your vehicle adjusted? This Car and Driver Magazine article illustrates how to adjust your mirrors in order to reduce blind spots. Now I’m not telling anyone to go out and do this- or that this is the right way or the wrong way. But I gave this adjustment a try and found it pretty useful. You might, too. (found via Lifehacker)

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