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Making Appearances Everywhere -Astonish Results & MAIA’s Virtual Demos


Astonish Results seems to be everywhere. You’ve likely seen them in your inbox, in your web browser and in your trade publications. Closer to home, they recently sponsored a Virtual Demo spot here at MAIA, and several of our members are utilizing their services.

Astonish is in the business of modernizing the web experience for Independent Agencies and their clients. What makes them different is the unmistakable energy they bring.  (You may recall their Disco-inspired Halloween costumes at The Big Event this year.) Because of this, I wasn’t surprised to find them popping up on the Blog of Sam Friedman, Editor in Chief of the National Underwriter. Sam sat down with Tim Sawyer, President and co-founder of Astonish Results to talk on video about his take on what having an agency website means today.

I realize that all agencies aren’t seeking this type of service at the present, and I’ll say the following at the risk of this sounding like a commercial spot. I find Tim’s take on the independent agency and technology insightful, but further I appreciate that the company often gives useable tips about the social web in their talks and publications, and I’ve been enjoying their recently launched blog Insurance Marketing HQ.

Interested in learning more about MAIA’s Virtual Demos? 

A Virtual Demo is one of several advertizing opportunities offered by MAIA, and is a way for relevant insurance related companies to reach independent agents on their terms and outside of the hustle and bustle of a Trade Show setting. Virtual Demos are a vehicle to reach our targeted member audience who can then decide if their agency would benefit from knowing more.  Contact Sheron Gagnon of MAIA to find our more information… or 508-634-7378.

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  1. 02/10/2010 10:36 am


    Thank you for sharing this, looking forward to more MAIA videos and events in the future, disco-attired or not.

    Energy is a positive thing for the insurance industry and agencies that embrace technology and social networking are undoubtedly the leaders of the future. Office culture change, or “breaking the old way”, is often the biggest challenege, but all levels of help are available.

    Nick Brown
    Community Manager
    Astonish Results

  2. 02/10/2010 11:24 pm

    Duffy Insurance has been using Astonish for over a year now. You are right on about the energy they bring to the insurance world. I must say, we have been extremely happy in our partnership with Astonish. They are great to work with and have certainly provided us with a lot of valuable info on serving and selling insurance to the modern consumer. More valuable to us than the work they do on the web site and the e-mail campaigns they build, has been the consulting.
    Duffy Insurance is one of hundreds of agents from around the country that use the Astonish system. So, that allows us to hear what is and is not working for agents in terms of marketting. It also has allowed us to take a candid look at our processes and continously update and improve.


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