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Facing Fears: Video is Scary


Last week was all about video…

I got an email from my Aunt Patty with the subject line “Lilly’s Girl Scout Cookies”. My eight year old cousin produced a video sales pitch to help sell her Girl Scout cookies this year (with the help of her lovely mother of course). So there was Lilly, Brownie sash proudly displayed, asking me to buy a box of cookies to help her troop reach their goal of 2,000 boxes. She also asked us to consider buying a box of cookies to send to overseas military troops. Seems, better, safer, and perhaps more effective than door to door, no? And she’s eight, so the cute factor is pretty high.

BUT video is not just for Girl Scouts or wine aficionados or real estate agents. I’ve been saying that I think it’s for Insurance Agents for a while and now I know that some else, namely Rick Morgan, agrees.

Actually, I know that other people agree too, but I think there seems to be a lot of apprehension in this area. What kind of video would I make, why would people watch a video about insurance, I don’t know how to edit, it takes a lot of time….

Rick’s post last week entitled Agency Websites and Facebook Fan Pages is a great example of how easy, quick and effective video can be at just getting an idea out there. And here is the kicker- videos doesn’t just have to be a lecture about auto insurance or a drawn out explanation of Term Life.

I’ve been swirling this idea around in my head – I’m wondering what other agents think about it. What if you took your video camera to your Small Business Association or Chamber meeting and ask some fellow business owners if they’d like to be featured on your website? Then shoot a short informal interview with some of the local business owners in your area. (Or maybe try this with a few web-based professionals you insure – they’d be all over it.) Ask them what their specialty is, what types of customers they serve, why their business is great, and then add something fun… like their favorite flavor of ice cream or their favorite microbrew.

Video might be scary, but that’s probably okay. It’s another way to change it up and make your agency stand out from the others.

And yes, we’ve been experimenting with video ourselves and you’ll be seeing the fruits of that labor in the coming weeks.

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  1. 02/02/2010 12:07 pm

    Here are some examples of insurance agents using video: Paradiso Insurance in Connecticut Vern Fonk Insurance in Washington State Soderberg Insurance in Lynnfield MA

  2. 02/02/2010 5:02 pm

    Thanks Marc- I’ll be sure to check them out.

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