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Web Presence – Your Agency’s Google Maps Profile


Last weekend I was in New York City for a little winter get-a-way with my husband. We only visit the big city every so often, so we need some help to get around. There are a few neighborhoods we can find our way around, but we still need a little help. I remember the first time we went for the weekend, we brought a Lonely Planet guide book for the easily accessible maps (geeks!) but there’s no need now. Google Maps from my Android smart phone can lead us around the city quite nicely.

Where’s the nearest Metro station –check Google Maps.
How many blocks do we need to walk – check Google Maps.
Breakfast spot near hotel – first ask Twitter – then check Google Maps.

In addition to the handy maps, of course, you also have access to the Google Maps Local Business Profile. This was so helpful when choosing a breakfast spot. The profile listed a physical address, hours of operation, website, user reviews, and the nearest subway.

We perched ourselves on a bench and waited for the café to open, and I found we were across from a State Farm Agent. This of course prompted me to look them up on Google Maps to check out their profile. Unfortunately, I found little more than a telephone book listing – street address & phone number. But I started wondering, do they know the kind of information they could put in?

My intention was to come back and write up a little tutorial about how to make sure that your agency is listed in a local search and is utilizing a Google Maps Profile. However, I found that John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing had written this exact post and included a video last week.

I encourage you to visit his excellent small business marketing site and read up on Getting More From Your Google Maps Profile. The short video he put together really explains this quite nicely and I recommend giving it a look:

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