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New Webinar Series – MA Data Security Regs 201 CMR 17.00


I know that it seems we just rang in the New Year, but 2010 is here and there is a deadline looming.

March 1st is fast approaching and before the snow melts the Mass Data Security Regulations 201 CMR 17.00 will take effect. Are you ready? Is your agency in compliance, or close to it?

Our office has fielded many calls in the last 30 days from member agents who are starting to enter panic mode. If your blood pressure rises at the mention of “Data Security”, “Encrypted Email”, or “Written Information Security Plan (WISP)” please know you are not alone…and help is on the way.

Beginning on Tuesday, January 26th at 12pm -that’s next week- MAIA will begin a webinar series entitled a “Step-by-Step Approach to Comply the Data Security Regulation (207 CMR 17.00) by March 1, 2010”.

The instructor for the series, Jason Hoeppner of B.H. Burke & Company, Inc is well versed with the regulations and is ready to lead you through this 3 part series. Jason participated with other industry experts at the widely attended “Panel of Professionals” discussion on this topic back in September.  Since then, he has been on the road providing independent agents with compliance assistance.

About the Webinars
This is a 3-part series that will take place over a 3 week period. Jason will be giving step-by step guidance to agencies who seek to comply with the regulations by the March 1, 2010 deadline. Attendees will also be given a “homework” assignment during each session, which is intended to aid the “step-by-step” approach.   

The Step-by-Step Approach Webinar Series will run for 3 consecutive TUESDAYs from 12:00 – 1:00pm.
          1/26 Session 1 – The Basics and How it Applies
          2/2  Session 2 – The Requirements and Measuring the Risk
          2/9   Session 3 – Fixing the Gaps and Implementing the WISP

The cost of the program is $179.00. This price is for the whole series, which we think is great value. Due to the nature of these webinars you must sign up for the whole series – not individual sessions. It may be a good idea to have two key agency personnel attend.

 Sign Up Today!

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