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5 Tips to Help Anyone Stop Wasting Time on Social Media


Earlier this week we faced the fear of wasting time on social media. The potential is there for anyone to get caught up in one aspect of their work, while letting other things slide by the wayside.  

Here are five tips for avoiding the potential for time wasting as you make your way through the social web:

  1. Know your goals. Are you trying to connect with potential clients? or build existing relationships? Write a great blog post? Or provide great links for others?
  2. Prioritize. Focus your energy on the most important thing first. Know that this will change daily, weekly, and monthly. Is it responding to people? Leaving someone else feedback? Reading? Listening? Creating content?
  3. Log on for a specified amount of time and then log out. Set a timer for 15 minutes and when it dings, log out and get back to your to-do list.
  4. Have a schedule. Check in with your social sites at a few specific times throughout the day. If you log on at say 8am, 1pm and 7pm, you can still be timely with responses without being connected all day.
  5. Ask for help. Sometimes errors happens, sites go wonky, and pictures don’t load. Not sure if it’s you or the web or  Stop spinning your wheels. It’s okay to pull someone from your team – or from your network – and ask for assistance. The social web is a pretty helpful place.

Do you have any tips of your own? Please add them to the comments!

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