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Five Calendars? Assessing & Streamlining


Ah, the New Year…A time for fresh starts, clean slates, and new beginnings. Nothing represents that in the office like a brand new calendar.

Knowing that I have a smart phone, an agency management system and Outlook, my husband wondered why I needed to spend $12.95 the giant paper version for my desk as well.

This started me wondering why do I have so many calendars and I explained my “system”:

  • The paper wall calendar. This serves two purposes: a fast way to see effective dates when working time sensitive accounts AND It’s nice to look at. In a world of beige cubicles, yellow sticky notes and phone sheets, the photographs are nice.
  • The paper desktop calendar. Specifically for blog planning, I can see the topics that have been posted or scheduled at a glance, jot notes for specific ideas, and if I need to work on the blog elsewhere (like at home) I can grab this easily and it contains no sensitive data.
  • The agency management system, Applied Systems.  This activity-centered system creates a great diary system, but is for client-centered activity only. While it is great for a lot, it falls short when trying to see the whole week or month at a glance.
  • Outlook. Useful for creating diary items for tasks that don’t belong in Applied. When applying for out of state licenses at one point for the agency Outlook was a great place to log follow ups and was more reliable than the sticky notes.
  • Google calendar. This works great for coordinating personal matters (appointments, vacations, dentist visits) which are bound to overlap with work. Using the shared feature, my husband and I can keep one another on track and can access this from any internet browser as well as our phones, making personal appointments accessible and reminders easy.

***update Google Calendar Tip from Unclutterer – Email Reminders from Google Calendar

As I finished explaining this to my husband, he said, “That seems to make a lot of sense.” It’s working for me, but I’m wondering whether I could or would benefit from streamlining all this. Do you have a great calendar system?

(Oh, and the next time one of my attorneys tells me that they don’t have a calendar system and a back-up I’m going to call “foul”. Even I have a calendar system and a back up – or 3!)

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