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Winter Tips for Homeowners & A Holiday Message


Recently there’s been a rash of articles outlining tips and tricks to winterize homes and stay safe during the holidays. These are often the articles I ignore, thinking that I don’t have the time to act on them.

I recently took some of this information to heart (especially the parts about lowering my heat bill) and I finally bought some of those plastic window covers. My husband installed them last week on our 2nd story windows. What a difference! While they may not be the most attractive or most permanent solution, it is no longer 15 degrees colder upstairs than downstairs and I no longer see dollar signs floating out of those old single pane fixtures. Until we can get those replacement windows put in upstairs, these will do the trick.

Here is a roundup of the articles and sites I have recently come across that give us all some good reminders about our homes. Share them with your officemates and share them with your insureds (especially those often overwhelmed and slightly clueless inexperienced first-time homebuyers).

Holiday Giving Update- I am so proud to be able to tell you all that MAIA and it’s staff have yet again stepped up to the plate and done their best to give back during the Holiday Season. My co-workers have a great giving spirit and came up with some great ideas to spread Holiday cheer this year.

As a staff we try to support local causes throughout the year, whether we are taking a collection for a food pantry or supporting the volunteerism of a former coworker. But during the Holiday season we try to do a bit extra. For many years the MAIA staff has sponsored families in need by purchasing gift cards, warm clothes and toys to donate to Project Just Because, a great nonprofit organization based in Hopkinton, MA. Knowing that the economic stress placed upon many households this year has been great, the need for these types sponsorships was higher than in years past. Fortunately, MAIA was still willing to suppport this cause and every dollar that was raised by staff was generously matched by the association. A grand total of $3,209.68 was donated to Project Just Because this year.

Additionally, we decided to forgo our typical Holiday staff outing, and instead opted to enjoy each others company here at the office over take out, a screening of It’s A Wonderful Life, and a good old fashioned Yankee Swap. The monies we saved by not going out were donated to fight hunger at: The Worcester County Food Bank, the Food Bank of Western MA, The Hudson Food Pantry, and the Hopkinton Food Pantry.

From all of us at MAIA, we wish you and your family Happiness, Warmth and Good Health throughout the Holiday Season.

I will see you all again after the New Year bells ring – Cheers!

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