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Facing Fears Part IV: Arm Yourself with Information


In the Facing Fears Series we’re tackling the things that make independent insurance agents nervous about using social media. Feel free to chime in: What are your fears about opening the agency up to social media? What makes you nervous?

 One of the best ways to tackle fears to is arm yourself with knowledge. I’ve been collecting articles that I think agencies might find helpful on the topic of social media and the independent agency. Feel free to add any articles or posts of interest you may have come across in the comments.

 Social Networking’s Value to Insurance Agents and Brokers – Making the CaseRick Morgan Consulting

It seems that the case may already have been made, but as more and more agencies feel pressure to at least explore this medium I like Rick Morgan’s take:

Social networking is about building and strengthening relationships. This is encouraging news for independent agents and brokers.

Encouraging? Why? Because agents and brokers know about trust and relationship building. Now it’s just time to apply those skills online.

Tools for the Successful Agent of TomorrowIIABA ACT

Angelyn Treutel of the IIABA’s Agents Council for Technology (ACT) provided this agent-centered view of social media marketing. She offers some real examples of how some online tools can be used by the agency.

To leverage the time commitment required to maintain your social networking presence, you may want to consider a rotation schedule to tie all of your efforts together. On some frequency, update Facebook to share tips, use LinkedIn to keep up with reading, topics, trips and professional networking, and use Twitter to communicate pertinent updates.

Mojitos As a Social Object: How a Miami Realtor Uses Social Media To Build Her BusinessMarketing Profs

Here’s a real example, a case study if you will, about how a Real Estate Agent in Miami started using mojitos as a way to gain exposure on the web.

Garcia says that, while the idea has nothing to do with real estate proper, it is something fun that helps keep her top-of-mind with friends and associates so much so that it has become a “social object” associated with her brand. “I regularly post mojito recipes, reviews, photos and videos on my blog and have even gone so far as to setup a Mojitos group on Facebook,” she says. “The lesson I’ve learned is that everyone has the opportunity to find their social object. Keep an eye open for what works for you. Just don’t make it mojitos. That’s mine!”

This is a great reminder that it pays to highlight your interests as a person not just as an “insurance person”.

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  1. 12/05/2009 9:33 am

    Melissa, thanks for the mention. The Agents Council for Technology (ACT) will soon be publishing a guide for agencies for creating a agency social web policy. It is our hope that this guide will address many of the “fears” agencies have. The social web provides agencies with a great opportunity. Yet, there are legitimate concerns that need to be addressed. Thanks to you and MAIA for taking the lead in providing your membership with the information they need to make informed decisions.

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