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Simply Selling Complicated Products


This article from Marketing Profs is about the trend in marketing processed foods as simple. It seems there’s something very appealing about simple in our very busy, overloaded, everyday lives. Simplicity rules in many markets. Real Simple Magazine, for example, seems to be one of the only monthly glossies that’s still thick with advertisements. And then of course there’s Apple, with the minimalist design of the iPod. Even blogging has become streamlined with the introduction of sites like Postereous. Simplicity is in the forefront. Simply put: Simplicity Rules.

Think about consumers for a minuet.

Which bike sounds more appealing? The one from Walmart that is assembled at home, or the bike from LL Bean that will arrive at your door ready to ride? Which recipe will get tried first, the Julia Child masterpiece or the Five-Ingredient wonder?

One of the barriers people face when buying insurance and financial products is that they lack confidence in their understanding of the product. How could you make insurance more simple (and consequently more appealing) to potential customers?

A few years back when we launched our GAP Insurance product, we were lucky to have been provided with a video clip of a news story that did an excellent job of clearly explaining the product and the reasons people buy it. At the time agents weren’t used to offering the product, and felt uneasy about delving into uncharted territory. But the video clip was a great way to educate the membership about the product and instill the confidence needed to sell. And I’ll admit, it helped me too, because when we took this on, it was new to me as well.

I think there is something lurking in the ability to create some bite-sized video clips that provide simple explanations of your insurance products and instill confidence in your potential clients that you are the insurance professional to get the job done. Have you thought about utilizing video lately?


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