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Social Media in the Independent Agency: Facing Fears Series


During the Big Event, a few agents mentioned to me that they are nervous about letting anyone in their agency interact with customers through social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.  There are fears about personal information being released, losing control of the message and combating negative comments. Valid concerns, especially for owners and managers whose name hangs on the sign outside.

Starting next week, my plan is to explore some of these fears over a series of posts as a way to break up this topic. In the mean time, please tell me…what are some of your fears about opening your agency up to social media? What makes you nervous about Social Media?

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  1. 11/11/2009 9:07 pm

    I have spoken with other insurance agents and business owners about social media. The biggest fear that I most often hear from them is having clients, co-workers, etc. see information about their personal lives. The line is blurring between who we are in the business world and who we are in our personal lives. This is scary to insurance agents and business people.

  2. 11/12/2009 1:45 pm

    Good point Marc. The blurring line is also something I heard from agents, and frequently hear from others in different industries as well. I think there are some generational differences going on also. As much as I hate to feed the fire that says that Millennials are so different from their Gen X and Boomer counterparts, there seems to be a greater tendency to have more biz/personal cross-over in the under 30 set.

    It’s my opinion though, that the more cross-over you have, the more people think about what to post on their personal accounts. Sure, there are horror stories but increasingly the realization is there that for business or personal use…the internet is public. Its best to be on your best behavior in both arenas.

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