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HallosXmasGivingDay – That Time of Year


doverpublicationsPlease tell me someone else has noticed this trend?

In July, before I even left for summer vacation, the back to school sales had already started. By the end of August back-packs and pencils were finally moving off the shelves, but the stores were already displaying Halloween Candy. (Who buys bags of Reese’s Peanut Butter cups in August – So melty!) Then, the big-box home stores moved the Christmas décor into aisles at the beginning of October. Retailers were having Christmas well before Halloween! (Halloween? Who cares? That happened in August!) Thanksgiving apparently means little to anyone unless you sell turkey…and Christmas? Well, pipe in that music on November 1st because apparently, it’s never too early to start holiday shopping.

Either someone has their calendar pages out of sync, or retailers are pushing people to think about the Holidays earlier and earlier. But its November now, the air is cold, the leaves are falling, The Big Event is over, and the Holidays, along with those Holiday Parties, are actually right around the corner.

Now that we can all officially enter the “celebration mode” that happens as the year winds down, towns, local businesses, and people everywhere are planning Fall Festivals, Holiday Open Houses, church wine-tasting fundraisers, catered private parties and New Year’s Eve weddings.  This is a great time to remind clients that they may need the protection of a Liquor Liability Policy.  

Number One Agency now has a program available through Hospitality Mutual that is easy, affordable, and perfect for these types of one-day events…and it will work, even if your insured is celebrating Easter in December.

I’d love to know…what month did you start to see Holiday Decorations come out this year?

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