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Educational Opportunity: Add LIA to Your Name


One of the tried and true ways to empower is to educate. Part of the MAIA mission is to empower independent agents, which is why our education department, lead by Heather Kramer, works to bring hundreds of education sessions to MA agents every year. Designation programs are a big part of that schedule.

More than just letters: I started working on a CISR designation as soon as I got licensed in 2003. After completing CISR, I started CIC and was able to finish in 3 years. My reason for doing so was simple – I needed the instruction. As someone not only new to the industry but as someone who worked in a specialty agency, I had trouble catching up to the rest of the insurance world. I had never worked as an account manager, had never sold an auto policy, and had never handled a claim. Attending these programs allowed me the opportunity to gain the technical knowledge I was lacking. However, once in class I was also excited to glean the first-hand knowledge of our instructors and of other classmates.

I learned quickly that it is often the stories told in class that are the most helpful in putting those technical skills to work. Plus, I appreciated working toward a goal greater than simply racking up those mandatory CEs. And you know what?  I always pay better attention when I know a test is coming at the end of the day.

An offering for seasoned professionals: This year, MAIA is offering the Licensed Insurance Advisor (LIA) designation for the first time in several years. If you intend to market yourself as an Insurance Consultant or Advisor the LIA designation is something to look into. Obtaining this designation, which can be done in two days, gives designees a way to increase revenue and obtain another competitive advantage in this increasingly competitive marketplace.

The LIA designation is issued by the Massachusetts Division of Insurance and authorizes qualified individuals to provide insurance advice for a fee. The LIA review class will run 11/13 – 11/14 at Association Headquarters in Milford. More information about the LIA Designation is available at


Need help creating an insurance education plan: MAIA Members are encouraged to contact Heather Kramer at to help you put a plan in place.

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