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Profile of an Elite Producer


The Producer as described by Nature Shows: Spotted in the wild, the agency producer is an elusive but well-groomed animal. Always on the hunt, the elite producer runs a few steps ahead of their pack, always concerned with their next client, next meeting, or next phone call. Frequently spotted on the golf course, elite producers are best known for their “cocktail napkin applications” and propensity to carry a hefty supply of business cards. Appearing at local Chamber, Rotary, and Toastmaster meetings, elite Producers are also famous for remembering names and most importantly making the sale.  Threats to this population include Blackberry dependence, meeting overload, and above all else…Hard Markets.

As I’ve mentioned a few times already, we are gearing up for the Big Event. One of the ways we can bring new faces and perspectives to the sessions is to introduce a panel of experts to lead a discussion, answer questions, and take the time to get honest about what it’s like to work in insurance. Last year’s panels focused on the work of Account Managers and we had several insightful and energetic discussions. This year we are focusing on that elusive breed of agency personnel, The Producer.

No agency can succeed without at least one solid Producer, but the way they work can often times seem mysterious. Too often we wonder “How’d they do that?” and better still someone in your agency may be thinking “I COULD do that.” This is the panel to attend if you are seeking to launch yourself into elite status, if you’ve been toying with the idea of becoming a producer, or if your agency is seeking to fill a position.

With all kidding and stereotypes aside, MAIA is fortunate to have nine of these Elite Producer-types coming to the Big Event on Friday October 30th. The panel has been split into three separate sessions – Personal, Commercial, and Financial Services – so that each group may focus in on their area of expertise.

These agency stars will be talking about what success means to them, their thoughts on being a “sales person” and the advice for potential newcomers. Our moderators: Frank Mancini, Ann Tobin,and Ray Sirois are looking forward to a lively early morning discussion.

More information:

Personal Lines
Moderator: Ray Sirois of Fred C. Church Inc.
Panelists:    Barbara Galvin, of Kaplansky Insurance
                           Dave Bruett of John J. Walsh Insurance Agency
                           Donald J. Rielly Jr. of Eastern Insurance
Commercial Lines
Moderator:  Ann Tobin of Number One Insurance Agency, Inc.     
Panelists:     George F. Doherty III, of Corcoran & Havlin Insurance Group
                            Bob Hollis, of Hollis Insurance Agency, Inc.
                            Michael S. Chapman, CPCU, ARM, AAI, of Hub International New England
Financial Services
Moderator: Frank Mancini, Esq., President & CEO, MAIA
Panelists:    Tobe Lynn Gerard, CSA, CLTC, MBA, MLS, of Tobe Gerard Insurance, LLC
                           Mark S. Gaunya, of Borislow Insurance
                           Jules O. Gaudreau, Jr., ChFC, CIC, LIA of The Gaudreau Group
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