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Follow Up on Good Works


EndritA few weeks ago I wrote about one of our affiliate members, Tobe Gerard. She and her family had been hosting a family from Kosovo for the Gift of Life Organization. The mission was to give Endrit (pictured left) surgery to repair a hole in his heart.

Endrit’s story was featured in the Boston Globe and the Metrowest Daily news this past Sunday, and Tobe has also been updating their story at

 Thanks to the kindness of many, Endrit was able to receive his life-saving heart surgery on September 11th at Childrens Hospital in Boston. He recovered quickly, as only kids can, and was given a clean bill of health. He and his mother have already returned back in their village in Kosovo.

This note, written by Endrit’s Father, has to be the most touching anecdote Tobe has shared:

“Dear American Family,

To first order I salute and wish you a long and happy life. To welcome a mother and her sick child into your home is an act of great kindness.  Especially since our family is under great economic and financial distress. What you have done for my family is the most humane gesture that one human being can do for another and may G-d repay you with health and love.     Thank you, thank you, thank you”.

Again, MAIA thanks and acknowledges Tobe, her husband Marc, and daughter Danni for opening their home and their own hearts to this family.

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  1. Pat Loonie permalink
    10/14/2009 2:44 pm

    What a great feeling to know that my small donation this summer went to such a worthy cause! I loved getting the updates on how Endrit and his mother were doing and Kudos to Tobe and her family for opening up their home! With all the bad news you hear every day it is so nice to hear about people helping people with no thought to what is in it for me. I hope we continue to hear goods things about Endrit!

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