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Setting Up a Live Stream…with Irene


Preparations for the Big Event 2009 are well underway. In fact we are knee-deep in making this the best convention yet. Yes, our goal every year is to top the year before.

With that said, we are trying our hand at new ways to connect with agents who can’t be there live and in person. We figured – if you can’t be there to see Irene – we’ll bring Irene to you.

Irene Morrill, VP of Technical Affairs at MAIA, is one of our most popular instructors. She’s a wealth of insurance knowledge and has attitude to spare. She agreed to give the “live streaming thing” a try, even if she was a bit fuzzy at first on how “live streaming” worked.

Friday October 30th, The Big Event will be live streaming four classes as Irene teaches them. While we’d love for as many people to attend the event in person, we know that just isn’t possible; especially this year with Appreciation Day falling on Halloween.

Last week, we asked Irene to talk to the membership about the Live Stream sessions. This is what she had to say…


Yesterday, we got to check out the software we’ll be using. Which meant our IT guru, Leo Fredette, spent the day connecting and reconnecting the software (and live streaming from his office) so we could see this the technology in action.

After a little Live Streaming demo we asked Irene to tape another little segment. Here is what she had to say yesterday…

Gosh darn it – I think she’s excited for it!

If you are interested in catching Irene’s sessions on Friday October 30th from the comfort of your desk, click over to the registration page to sign up.

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