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Special Clients Need Special Coverage: PUP Special


We get calls from our members everyday that are looking to place some very special clients with a personal umbrella. They go something like this:

Agent -“I have an insured in need of an umbrella”
Us-      “Okay that’s great. We can offer the RLI Personal Umbrella.
               The application is 24 questions and it is self-rating.”
Agent- “Wow sounds great except…”
Us-       “Except what?”
Agent- “This insured owns property in 4 states, has 3 kids in
                 college, owns 4 vehicles, and his brother-in-law lives in the
                 house and had a DUI last year. Can you still write it?”

<insert detailed conversation and declination here>

With the popularity of Personal Umbrellas growing over the years, there is an increasing need for agents to find this additional layer of liability for “nontraditional” risks. Of course, you know as well as I, that these “nontraditional” risks are increasingly the norm. More and more families are living outside of the traditional 1 home, 2 cars, 3 drivers, very vanilla type of exposure that are sought by the standard homeowner’s carrier. Today’s family owns a primary house and a place on the cape or one in ski country. Their kids own cars which they take to college and then graduate school. They have family living with them short-term and long term. They rent real estate, they drive company cars, they get speeding tickets, and sometimes they own farm land where they hold riding lessons on the weekend. Sometimes they have trouble buying an umbrella…shocking!

Seeing a void, RLI has recently expanded some underwriting criteria to accommodate some of these more “nontraditional” risks. For all business effective October 1st PUP Special will be available in Massachusetts. Some of the expanded criteria includes the following:

  • Up to 10 Vehicles and 10 Properties
  • Up to 8 Drivers
  • Up to 6 moving violations within the last 3 years per
  • Up to 3 at fault accidents within the last 3 years per household
  • 1 DUI per household
  • 1 driving incident for Drivers 20-21 and over 80
  • Property Owned outside of the US
  • Drivers with a Non US license
  • Drivers who have been licensed less than 1 year.

 Of course, these items are subject to additional premium and some additional underwriting in some cases, but we are excited to have a market available for these clients. Visit our RLI Personal Umbrella page for more details or simply call the Number One Agency at 800-742-6363 to speak to Colleen directly.

*As a reminder Effective October 1st there is a new Mandatory RLI Application and Rate Sheet for all new business.

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