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Increased Monitor Real Estate: Dual Screens


Have you ever dreamed of having your desk look like this? trip monitors lifehacker

Well, maybe you don’t dig the black and chrome or the monster CPU on the desk, but look how clean, how neat, and wow! at that monitor set up.

It’s funny how trends go. We are an increasingly “on the go” culture. You aren’t supposed to miss anything – ever. As such, our computers have become so much more portable. Our lap-tops and notebooks are smaller and lighter than ever. The popularity of “netbooks” is something I personally never would have predicted, yet they are flying off the shelves even in a down economy. Even our cell-phones are increasingly just small computers equipped to make phone calls. I know that the last 12 times I’ve picked up my phone was probably to read my email or respond to an SMS message, not to make a call.

On the other hand, in our offices and at our desks, (that place you store your sticky notes, business cards and stacks of papers) the ability to increase your monitor’s real estate has become pretty much main stream. In an age when agencies are trying to go paperless, the ability to plug in an additional monitor makes a HUGE difference in efficiency. Some claims say up to 50%. While I won’t go that far, 10% seems likely. And a 10% increase in a processor’s productivity is big.

The biggest benefit has to be the ability to rid yourself of all that toggling between a scanned document and the web. I will place being able to look at more than one Excel workbook at a time at a close second. When we made this switch a few years ago, to 2 – 19 inch LCD screens, our processing people picked up a lot of time. They were able to cut through their piles faster than ever by saving key strokes on batch processed items. Personally, I really like being able to see Outlook all day. Despite what productivity gurus eschew, I do use my email as a To-Do list and this works quite well for me. The dual screen allows me to respond to inquiries and connect with my underwriters quickly.

I know that many agencies are utilizing a dual set up for many in the office and for good reason, but I also know that many still aren’t convinced of the benefit. Is your agency equipped with dual monitors? Anyone have this triple set up going on?  

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  1. 10/02/2009 9:45 am

    Melissa – Thanks for the blog! Technology is so important in our industry and often overwhelming, expensive and even “scary” to some. I wanted to put out the offer to any MAIA member that doesn’t have dual monitors but is curious – to feel free to call me or even stop by my office when you are in Milford attending a class. I learned about them while visiting a Five Star Agency – and they immediately went on my “Would really like for the agency list”. When we finally got them – IT WAS HUGE!!! So, feel free to email me at or call me at 800-742-6363, ext. 366. I’d be happy to show you how it works – that’s why we’re here! Ann Tobin

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