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Best and Worst Impressions


Did you see this Insurance Journal Article a few weeks ago: Forty-Nine Most and Least-Liked Aspects of Being a Young Agent? As a young agent myself, I was interested in what other insurance people listed as the best and worst of their profession.

Flexibility and freedom in scheduling seemed to make the top of the ‘best-liked’ while the general negativity toward insurance agents topped the ‘worst-liked’ list.

I suspect that many who responded to this survey are employed as producers or perhaps captive agents, because honestly, for most insurance professionals, flexibility in scheduling doesn’t exist. While this is changing a bit, most of us are required to be in the office during regular business hours. I agree that the worst liked aspect of the job is the impression other people have. I usually give people about 20 seconds before their eyes glaze over when they ask me what type of insurance I sell.

For me, the best-liked aspect of this industry is problem solving. Whether the question is in claims, policy language, or legal in nature, getting to the root of the problem and providing an answer is the most satisfying part of my job. And surely, I don’t know all the answers – its finding the people that do that’s exciting.

I’m curious to know…What do you list as the Best and Worst-liked aspects of the insurance industry and have those aspects changed since you began your career?


Just a reminder that registration for the Big Event is open. The MAIA Annual Convention and Trade Show will be held October 29th – November 1st at the Copley Place Marriott. This year’s event features some great sessions including the new PIP Certification that has been specifically designed for personal lines account managers.


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