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September is National Prepared Month


Did you know that September is National Prepared Month? Neither did I, until I read the headline at I immediately thought of last year’s ice storm. So many people were taken off guard by that surprise storm which left thousands in central Mass without power for days during December. My husband and I were lucky to have our power back in 24 hours, but my family had to wait five days!  

Being prepared is a risk management tool – arguably the least expensive – and certainly most proactive way to help to protect personal property and loved ones. With the threat of the H1N1 Flu epidemic and the inevitable New England winter approaching, how many of your clients could benefit from a simple reminder to make sure that they have working flashlights, extra batteries and a list of emergency phone numbers on hand? 

You may chose to direct clients to the FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security websites, and which offer a wealth of information, tool kits, FAQ’s and specific information for people with disabilities, pets, and elderly family members. In addition, as a community leader, you probably know community specific information that can be shared – locations of flu vaccine clinics, emergency shelters, and a list of local emergency numbers. 

Of course, risk management doesn’t end with your clients. This is a good reminder to make sure your agency has an emergency/disaster plan in place, that your IT systems are being properly backed up, and that you have started to prepare for the upcoming data security regulations that are coming down the pipeline.

What are you doing to “Be Prepared”?

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